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Stockholm Syndrome
Where I write about making a home in a new country.
Where I write about the search for what still works when systems and structures we grew up taking for granted fall apart.


The Resilients
A journey across Europe searching for the Guild of Resilients (Summer 2012).

The rhapsodoi of Ancient Greece were wandering poet-singers, practitioners of an oral tradition of improvisation.

Literally, a rhapsode is "one who stitches together". There is a suggestion of working from the materials to hand (rather than creating ex nihilo, or designing from a blank slate), and of mending, making good what appears to be broken.

So to rhapsodise is to re-member, not a mechanical feat of information recall, but a reknitting of the dismembered parts. It is also, according to modern English dictionaries, to effuse: 'to talk profusely, especially in an excited manner'. In this sense, among others, it seems a good description for what I spend much of my life doing.

My name is Dougald Hine. This site is a home for my blogs and for the online traces of certain nomadic projects. For more about who I am and what I do, there's always my main public website.

Stockholm, May 2012.